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We offer more than pressure washing, we have been the leaders in high pressure washing throughout Quebec for over 25 years.

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everywhere in Quebec!

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Our high pressure washing does not use any chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

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Discover the types of high pressure washing that our team of specialist washers are able to do. We offer pressure washing for all needs!

Photo montrant un revêtement extérieur en vinyle beige après le lavage à la pression du revêtement

Vinyl pressure washing is the most popular service. Rejuvenate the look of your home easily with high-pressure washing your siding!

Photo d'une maison en brique grises après le lavage à la pression

All other types of walls or exterior coverings such as brick or concrete can benefit from pressure washing. 

Photo d'un pavé-uni dans une entrée de voitures après un lavage à la pression

Following the winter, your driveway will be dusty and stained with limescale, coming from the salt used to de-ice the streets. Pressure washing will clean everything!

Photo d'une terrasse en béton autour d'une piscine creusée après un lavage à la pression

Vinyl pressure washing is the most popular service. Rejuvenate the look of your home easily with high-pressure washing your siding!

Photo de marches en bétons devant une porte d'entrée après un lavage à la pression

Whether for an entrance porch, a concrete sidewalk or a terrace of any type of material, refresh their look with pressure washing.

We offer specialized pressure washing services for underground garages for condo associations or commercial buildings.


A pressure machine is an essential tool for pressure washing exterior surfaces such as exterior coverings, concrete, paving stones and pool surrounds. It uses powerful force to remove dirt, grime, stains and mold that build up over time. It’s not for nothing that we say we do high pressure washing! But how does it work exactly?

The pressure machine works by pumping water at high pressure through a narrow nozzle. The water is then directed towards the surface on which the pressure washing will be carried out, creating sufficient force to remove dirt and stains. The choice of nozzle is important because it determines the force of the water. Nozzles are classified by their spray angle, which can vary from 0 to 65 degrees. Nozzles with a smaller angle have a higher force, while nozzles with a larger angle have a lower force. So the closer the angle is to 0, the more high pressure the washing will be. It is important to use the right pressure on the right surface to avoid damage.

Before you begin pressure washing, it is important to prepare the surface by removing anything that could clog the nozzle or damage the surface. This may include cleaning up leaves, branches, debris and loose dirt. When you're ready to begin, hold the nozzle about 12 inches from the surface to be cleaned and slowly move it back and forth, keeping a consistent distance for even cleaning. If you are a novice, it is best to start with a lower pressure to avoid damaging the surface being cleaned… save high pressure washing for when you have more experience! It is also important not to hold the nozzle on one area for too long, as this can damage the surface. Finally, it is important to clean the pressure washer after each use to prevent rust and dirt buildup.

Pressure machines come in two types: electric models and gas models. Electric pressure washers are powered by electricity and are ideal for light pressure washing jobs. Gasoline pressure washers are powered by gasoline and are more powerful, making them more suitable for heavier pressure washing jobs. The advantage of using a gasoline pressure machine for cleaning exterior coverings, paving stones and pool surrounds is that the machine can produce much higher water pressure than electric machines. This allows for effective pressure washing of dirty, stained or moss and lichen covered surfaces. Additionally, gas pressure machines have a greater reach than electric machines, meaning cleaning can be completed more quickly.

At Vitres.net, we use a gasoline pressure machine for all our pressure washing work, as this allows us to obtain the best results for our customers. Our machine is also more portable than electric machines, allowing us to work on projects in locations far from electrical power.

Although pressure washers are an effective tool for cleaning exterior surfaces, it is important to note that their use can present potential hazards. Washing at too high a pressure can damage the coating or concrete, and improper use can cause injury. If you are a novice or have not used a pressure washer before, it is best to hire professionals to carry out the pressure washing work. Professionals like Vitres.net are equipped to carry out high pressure washing work safely and efficiently.

Our professional team also has extensive experience and knowledge on the types of surfaces that can receive pressure washing, as well as the appropriate pressure and nozzles for each surface. Ultimately, safety and efficiency must come first. It is therefore recommended to call on professionals like Vitres.net to carry out pressure washing work safely and without damaging the surfaces to be cleaned.

On what types of coverings can we not do high pressure washing?

Photo montrant les dommages potentiels du lavage à la pression sur un revêtement en bois

Wood or canexel

Whether it is a wooden patio, a log house or one with CanExel siding, we cannot pressure wash these coverings. All wood products are likely to be stripped and damaged by water pressure. If there is paint or stain, it may also come off under the high-pressure washing jet.

Photo montrant une maison en aluminium bleu qui ne peut pas avoir de lavage à la pression

aluminum or metal

Coatings made of aluminum or any other metal may be damaged by pressure washing. Older metal coatings end up oxidizing over time, which forms a fine white powder which comes from a process called chalking. If you carry out high pressure washing on this type of surface, the metal will become bare and the paint will disappear.

Photo montrant du béton craqué ne pouvant pas avoir de lavage à la pression

Damaged concrete

When concrete in all its forms: sidewalk, foundation plaster, staircase, etc. deteriorates over time, particularly due to winter, salt, freezing and thawing; he ends up breaking down. By cracking, weakened concrete represents a great risk when pressure washing. In fact, the jet of high pressure washing will have the effect of helping the concrete to crumble.

our commercial customers

Discover the industries we serve, as well as some commercial clients who trust our window cleaners for their window cleaning and exterior maintenance!

Schools and municipal establishments

Businesses, shops and organizations

Property management, condo and apartment syndicates

Seniors’ residences and care centers


Discover real testimonials about our window cleaners from our customers via our Google reviews.

Extremely satisfied with their service. They are well organized and the washing of my exterior windows was quick and efficient. The cost is also very reasonable when you think about the time I saved. I highly recommend!
Anne-Lucie Rhéaume
Ville de Québec
For my part, I was very well served by this extraordinary gentleman who, before working on my gutters, explained everything to me. I was able to see that in Quebec, there are still people who communicate! In 25 years I began to despair of finding people who communicate without prejudice. Well at Vitres net, I saw that there were very competent, kind, honest and communicative people.
Catherine Guérin
We are satisfied with the services offered by Vitres net.. kind and open staff. more recently the gentleman arrived in advance for the appointment which had been planned which is rather rare in general we are late... good job 👏 !
Normand Tessier
This is a very useful service in our case with our busy jobs, we lack the time and energy to take care of our large house. In the end, we don't have to subtract precious time from our vacation.
Marco Lavoie