Washing and emptying of gutters with Remote controlled aspiration

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    Our technology for washing and emptying gutters is remotely controlled.

    Icon representing the suction of an industrial vacuum cleaner
    Powerful industrial vacuum

    The aspiration of debris often filled with water and thus very heavy is not an easy job. Our industrial vacuum has the largest aspiration available on the market to unclog the gutter. All dry or wet debris will be removed during the maintenance of your gutters.

    Icon representing our J-pole to empty gutters without a ladder
    J shaped poles system

    Our J shaped poles system allows us to empty the gutters without using ladders. Many end caps allow us to dislodge any type of debris. Our equipment reaches up to 50 ft. high and helps us avoid every accident towards our employees and / or your house when emptying your gutters.

    Icon representing the Bluetooth camera on the pole in order to see what is in the gutter from a distance
    Bluetooth remote camera

    Our remote controlled aspiration system is equipped with a Bluetooth camera to help the technicians see what is happening in your gutter while having their feet on the ground. Whatever it is to start the work or to verify the final result, this camera will be his best friend throughout the emptying of the gutter.

    Icon representing a gutter that shines after washing the outside of it with pure water
    Pure water exterior wash of gutter and soffits

    When maintaining the gutter, we can also wash it using our pure water technology. When washing the gutter and the soffits, we will remove the black marks caused by the overflow. Also, we’ll pass our brush on your soffits to dislodge spider webs and accumulated dust that can harm the breathing of your attic.

    The importance of emptying your gutters

    The gutters are not decorations for your house, they have an important usefulness: hold off water from your roof and your foundations. If the water can’t circulate in your gutters because of the presence of the debris: leaves, shingle grains, etc., your house is at risk… it is therefore important to ensure that your gutters are unclogged.

    Clogged gutter of a house full of leaves

    In fact, we recommend that homeowners drain their gutters at least once a year, twice if possible. Whether you have trees Or not on your land, emptying the gutter is important… It is possible that leaves and/or samaras (famous helicopters falling from trees) of your neighbors can reach up to your house because of the wind and fill your gutters.

    Your neighbors don’t have trees either? You still have to have your gutter emptied! Due of rain, wind, snow and ice, your roof can get damaged every year. This creates a crumbling of the shingle and releases the grains accumulated deep in the gutter. This carries off two risks: The gutter gets blocked and can overflow (read the consequences below) and/or the weight of the shingle grains can deform your gutter, considerably weaken and damage it considerably. So avoid the worst by unclogging your gutter regularly.

    A hand signs a check to pay for damage to his house

    Your home insurance doesn’t cover the damage caused by the water infiltrations caused by an overflow of the gutters and/or its repeated dripping. If your floors ever get damaged by a foundation infiltration or your walls become moldy by roofing and wall infiltrations, you’ll have to cover yourself the reparation work fees. Avoid the worst by having your gutters empty every year!

    What are the consequences of having a full and blocked gutter?

    The ceiling of a house is brown and damaged due to water damage in the roof
    Water infiltration in the roofing

    When the water can’t flow out like it should, it’s accumulating itself in the gutter. Sadly, when the gutter is filled, it overflows.

    It is important to know that during the overflow, there are possibilities that the water comes out from the exterior side (towards the ground), but can also come out from the interior side (toward the house). When the water drips in the house, it enters the attic, causing important damages to your roofing. This will reduce the lifespan of your roof and cause moisture.

    Water entered the basement of a house after water seeped into the foundation
    Water infiltration in the foundations

    When the water comes towards the ground, there is still a danger for your house. Instead of directly infiltrating the roof, the water gets accumulated in your foundations. Eventually, it creates a hollow near your foundations and harms the slopes on your terrain. This can lead to a water accumulation and the water could infiltrate towards the interior of your house and/or your walls. No need to tell you that this could bring large consequences.

    A person is falling after slipping on ice
    Creation of ice

    Also, when the water overflows and drips to the ground, there are a lot of important dangers for you and your close ones. First, it is not pleasing to receive a waterfall on your head when leaving the house. Next, when the cold comes, the accumulated water on the ground creates patches of ice. Ice = Slippery = Falling = Injuries. So avoid injuring yourself by emptying your gutter.

    The exterior of a gutter is black due to the accumulation of dirt
    The filth

    Not only is it dangerous for you and your family, filled gutters can tarnish the exterior of your gutter. Like the debris inside are often dark coloured, the water that overflows bring with it the filth that gets accumulated on the side of the gutter. Black slides will be created and will dry in the sun, leaving your house in a bad state and damaging your gutter.

    Your gutters are damaged and repairs are required?
    What to do according to the CAA Quebec:  

    The ice formation inside horizontal and vertical segments of the gutters is the main cause of their leaks or their deformations by inflation and burst.

    The weakening of the gutters is related to the deterioration of the wood pieces supporting them, as well as snow heaps or a possible ice barrage on the roof’s border.

    In the event of detecting leaks at links or other connections
    • Remove the deficient sealant, to do so, scrub the interior of the gutter or the connection up to the aluminium
    • Sand the metal to re-establish its adherence.
    • Apply a specialised sealant cord for the gutters.
    If the gutter is unhooked by deformation or weakening
    • Use nails or screws of an appropriate length to restore its anchorage.
    • If the problem results in a small portion of wood being moldy, spot the end of a rafter to press in the fastener.

    Significant deterioration of the wood will require the removal of the gutter to proceed with the repair.

    In the presence of a downpipe busted by the freeze.
    • Change the broken section
    • Take care to graft a pipe segment, which can be removed when winter starts, at the base of a downspout. The objective: be able to easily disconnect the downpipe of all underground drain or surface deflecting conduit which the route weakly inclined favors the formation of an ice cap

    Source : https://www.caaquebec.com/en/at-home/advice/tips-and-tricks/tip-and-trick/show/sujet/cleaning-gutters-and-downspouts-an-essential-task/

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