Washing commercial windows with pure water

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    Who are our services for ?

    Window cleaning of condominiums
    Window cleaning of multiplexes and property management
    Headquarters and shops
    Window cleaning of head offices and shops
    Schools and institutions
    Window washing of schools and other institutions
    Auto dealership window cleaning

    The technology behind the cleaning

    Icon of a seal filled with water that is full of salts and minerals
    01 The water comes out from the aqueduct and is full of salt and minerals
    Icon representing our factory truck with the door open
    02 The water is transferred in our factory truck’s tank
    Icon representing our Honda engine for our pump in the truck
    03 The water is pumped thanks to an industrial pump
    Icon representing our pure water filter
    04 The mineralized water finds itself in the filter, ready to be purified and will come out without minerals
    Icon representing the reverse osmosis process which demineralises water
    05 The filtration process to only gain H20 molecules is called inverted osmosis
    The purified water reaches itself in the pole that reaches up to 50 ft. high and the technician scrubs the window to remove the filth
    06 The purified water travels to the pole which grows up to 50 feet high, which is perfect for washing windows in condo, car and business condos up to 5 stories tall.
    Icon representing the brush that rinses a window with pure water
    07 After scrubbing the window, the technician rinses it with demineralized water, like how a carwash does it
    Icon representing a clean window after washing
    08 The window shines and will not leave a single trace, whereas if we sprayed with the aqueduct water, the salt will leave white traces because of the minerals

    A technology 100% safe and ecological

    A technician rubs a window of the Banana Republic in downtown Montreal with the pole
    A brush cleans a window with pure water

    Many believe pure water is a new technology… but no, already in the fifties in the USA, the window cleaners were using this technique. Obliviously the equipment is now more effective than during those years, but the technology that you have the chance to see above stays the same.

    More and more we see window cleaning enterprises using purified water in the Canadian West, but Vitres.net is part of the Pioneers in Quebec. This technology is perfect for commercial window cleaning: for washing windows in condominiums, car dealerships, head offices and other businesses.

    For the most scientific in this world or those who love more theory, here’s in detail how it works

    The city water rejected from your water exits is full of impurities caused by the salt and minerals existing in it: chlorine, potassium, sodium, nitrates, calcium, phosphates, etc. If you try scrubbing your windows and rinse them with your water hose during a hot and sunny, summer day, you would be surprised by the result.  Indeed, some beautiful white dots will stay on your windows. These are caused by the salt in the water that stays present on the window during the evaporation.

    The filters existing in our truck-industries practice an advanced process named inverted osmosis:

    • At the filter’s entrance, a pre-filter holds back the largest sediments in the water
    • Next, an active carbon filter rids off the water from the chlorine and other organic composites
    • Finally, the water passes in an inverted osmosis membrane where the water separated itself between the mineralized one and the purified one.

    To give you an idea of the membrane’s accuracy, it consists of pores measuring a millimeter of micrometer, in other words, a thousandth of a millimeter… which is really small.

    Obviously, the pure water will be propelled in our technicians’ hoses to come clean your windows. This water allows us to avoid having to use any soap or chemical products and thus, offer you a very ecological cleaning. Moreover, our hoses are 300 feet, which is perfect for washing windows in condos and businesses.

    Also, we can use poles reaching up to 50 ft. high in the air, having us avoid using ladders that could cause accidents to our employees and / or your condo co-ownership or your business.

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